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Proxy server and VPN at schools :
Nearly 100% of students in USA,Canada,Emirates,Dubai are using free or paid proxy server to can access different sites from school’s computers using also school’s internet because its obvious that school administration always block sites such as facebook and youtube and many others.

So students found their solution using free proxy server such as online proxy to be online for free on their facebook page or on youtube plateforme to watch diiferent videos or share their videos.
Many sites created they have same golas and benefits as online proxy:

1- website unblocker : website unblocker is designed since 2 years used widely in usa,Dubai,and Europe it can unblock sites and videos sites streaming.

2- YouTube proxy : created since a year and a half special for YouTube it has many benefits when you use it to unblock YouTube videos.

3- proxy website : created just 6 months before already used by students at schools in USA and some offices .

4-  videoproxy: bit old free proxy server very useful used widely in many countries.
similar sites as online proxy
online proxy
Coming next week : proxy server & vpn in censored countries
Proxy server in offices :
Proxy server and shops,stores :
Usually shops and stores have obviously  online payment when Customers need to pay what they bought ,shops and stores use always proxy server or Vpn to encrypt customer’s informations when they use their bank cards to keep customer safe from all risks.

Its very clear that proxy servers and Vpns are used widely worldwide.this encourage certainly internet users to get their private proxy server or vpn to use it as a second ip address,to hide their ID and to access blocked websites safely wherever they are and whenever they want.
Usually companies and administrations worldwide block many sites to be open or access from their internet and computers to keep workers update with their job .

But in so many ways that workers get free time at work especially when they work night shift so its impossible for them to use company’s internet ,the unique solution is a proxy server or a vpn ,first to can access their sites smoothly ,second to hide company’s ip address.

These are the benefits of proxy servers and vpns at schools and offices.
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