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Online proxy for Facebook
Certainly you heard lots of stories about people travelled or read even stories too about many people traveeled to countries where many sites censored such as facebook !!!
How they can get conneceted with friends and family ?
Do not say they use phone because thay have mobile phones with them ! it is expensive to use phone from korea or china to united states is not it ?
Online proxy for facebook is made and designed for such as cases. Travellers can use it ,can access facebook ,whats up or viber even if these sites are censored. May bey ou ask why and hpw ?
Online proxy is free proxy which has the ability and capability to access blocked sites.So if facebook is blocked it means censored in any region or any country once you use online proxy you get staright free access to your facebook page to call friends,family or share your pictures taken during the travel.
What is online proxy ?
Online a proxy is proxy server which is created to be used as a way between your computer and the internet to keep you safe.
What is a proxy server ?

If proxy online is a proxy server soi t means the proxy servers are a programs but very special designed to be intermadiare between users of internet and internet itself.
Proxy server works as a guard ,save you and make you ?
The proxy server works always as hidden guard to protect all your informations to be hacked. It uses its ip address instead of using yours.
It gives the chance to access all blocked websites and blocked videos worldwide.
It offers the high speed to your browsing if your internet is really slow.
All these are the benefits of the proxy server.
proxy server
Now you have an idea about what is online proxy and what is proxy server. So its easy now to understand that online proxy is savior from all risks exist on internet especially when you use your details ( shoopin online) it is your protector and savior when you use it to connect to internet.
Online proxy is free as exist thousands of paid proxy or vpn that you can get one to use.
Just remember that not all proxy servers and vpns are the same.Just have a look on the features because the best always which offer :
The hight speed when you browse sites and videos
It allows to access blocked contenets any where even in cenosred areas.
Online proxy is the best path :
Online proxy for youtube
Why we use online proxy ?
Without doubt that so many reasons push users to use online proxy :

1- Hide ip address to be safe from all eyes want to know what are you surffing on the net.
2- Unblocking blocked sites and videos worldwide.
3- Gain more browsing speed when navigating on the intenet.

I think these 3 reasosn are enough to get users using online proxy because it get you in all ways far from risks of losing your data informations from hackers,and this is the most important reason why online proxy is designed and to be used too.
All we know that youtube is till today the biggest place to watch videos and share videos with people worldwide.
In so many areas youtube does not work ,your way is to use online proxy your best  free proxy to access youtube plateforme watch your favourite videos or share yours with the world.

If  youtube  site or dailymotion are blocked by any Government accessing is impossible without online proxy the free proxy private browser which allow you to access with huge flexibility all youtube videos as its not censored or blocked at all.
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