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Friends can use the shared onlineproxy site
Friends that they get th link of the site from other are free to use it ,they can  use it not just for few hours as trial time or for few days its free 24/24 hours and 365/365 days.

enjoy using your onlineproxy any time and enjoy accessing your websites in safety state.
By the terms of use and the service that offer onlineproxy you are tottaly free to use the site and to share it widely just whats not legal is duplicate the site.
sharing this site it means you are sharing the benefits of using it ,we would like to have a world full of freedom of social media far away from all risks existing on internet now a days.
Proxy online was not designed just  for one person , you can share it with friends to be used as a proxy server for free widely and worldwide.

This proxy server is not illegal to share it ,you can use all social media to shere it from Facebook,to whats up to viber to any contact device you desire to use to share the important site with friends worldwide.
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